What disease is swollen uvula?

Swollen uvula is a disease that throat and fauce were  inflamed, is condition of the inflamed throat was caused by bacteria or viruses, this makes sore and irritative throat.

Swollen uvula is the main cause of condition of sore throat. Swollen uvula  is a common disease, all ages can get this disease, there are two cases: acute swollen uvula and  chronic swollen uvula.

swollen uvula What disease is swollen uvula?

What disease is swollen uvula?

In two above cases, the acute swollen uvula is common, it is often caused by viral infections, by colds and lasts in a week or less. The rate of the acute swollen uvula often occurs on children or  adolescents. Typical symptoms are high fever, swollen uvula, especially when swallowing, after a several days of dry cough, phlegm may appear.

Chronic swollen uvula was also called  pharyngitis, often occurs more persistent, longer and cure is more difficult. This rate is common in older children or tonsils are shrunken or were operated, so we can see a red throat, there are many organizations of lumpy particles in front part, after part and after part of throat. Symptoms of this disease are difficult swallow, mild fever or no fever, sore throat, itchy throat, cough and sputum (very sticky or white), it often happens in the early morning when you wake up and you will have felt mucus running down your throat. When examination, we can see the reddish throat, the back of the throat has white particles. Some cases of swollen uvula  accompany bleeding, may be due to throat cancer. When your body’s resistance is reduced (due to a viral infection, stress of work, change of weather), it will become a acute swollen uvula ( swollen uvula, fever, cough, sputum, ……)

For the people that their amidan organizations is developing, swollen uvula often accompany with tonsillitis (swollen uvula and acute tonsillitis).

Swollen uvula is considered a disease difficult to cure.

Swollen uvula does not affect your lives but will cause pain and discomfort for the patients, children are febrile and crying.

Depending on the condition of the throat of everyone, there are  different symptoms but have the following common symptoms:

- Tired, loss of appetite. Cough and muscle aches.

- Loss of voice, swollen uvula, inflammation, swelling, redness at throat, feeling cumbersome and difficult to swallow.

- When this disease is heavy, the nodes of neck will appear and you have a high fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius. So, swollen uvula can spread to other areas such as tonsillitis and rhinitis.

For microorganisms, particularly bacteria, they can cause swollen uvula and heavy consequences, such as lower heart disease due to the swollen uvula cause by Streptocuccus bacteria pyogenes (A streptococcus group: LCA).


  1. I was thus afraid once I saw however swollen my flap was n had all types of imaginations regarding it till I examine it on this. Its been of facilitate. Thanks

  2. Had constant drawback of enlarged or swollen flap a pair of or three times before and presently facing it as I sort. Saw the doctor and he gave Maine these following medicines :-

    1, tubular cavity Lozenges that contains cetylpyridinium chloride one.5mg and local anaesthetic three mg

    2, Pediapred five mg

    3,Beatacycline that contains bactericide Hci BP 250mg that is antibiotic.

    The best answer is to avoid drinking and smoking to additional forestall return.of this drawback. conjointly one should be hydrous with many water.

  3. Had surgery to get rid of a lymphoid tissue cyst yesterday. later on the flap gave the impression to a minimum of double in size (length and girth) and is pressing on tongue. causes you to attempt to perpetually clear your throat however it will no sensible.

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